Professor Salop teaches courses in Antitrust Law, Economic Reasoning and the Law, and had conducted a Faculty Workshop in Law and Economics. His recent writings include several articles that focus on exclusionary conduct, including articles on the antitrust standard for exclusionary conduct, exclusionary conduct by buyers, and the antitrust standard for refusals to deal and price squeezes.  Professor Salop has other articles on the consumer welfare standard, raising rivals’ cost conduct, the first principles approach to antitrust, and vertical mergers. His research focuses on antitrust law and economics and economic analysis of industrial competition and imperfect information.  Before joining the Law Center faculty in 1981, he served as Associate Director for Special Projects with the Bureau of Economics of the FTC, as an adjunct professor of economics at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his B.A. in 1968, and as an economist with the Civil Aeronautics Board and Federal Reserve Board.


Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

Steven C. Salop & Jennifer E. Sturiale, Fixing “Litigating the Fix”, 85 Antitrust L.J. 619-661 (2024). [Gtown Law] [W] [SSRN]
Steven C. Salop, The Appropriate Decision Standard for Section 7 Cases, 53 U. Balt. L. Rev. 449-480 (2024). [WWW] [W] [L] [SSRN]
A. Douglas Melamed & Steven C. Salop, An Antitrust Exemption for Workers: And Why Worker Bargaining Power Benefits Consumers, Too, 85 Antitrust L.J. 739-804 (2024). [W]
Erik Hovenkamp & Steven C. Salop, Litigation With Inalienable Judgments, 52 J. Legal Stud. 1-50 (2023).
[Gtown Law] [HEIN] [W] [L] [SSRN]
Laura Alexander & Steven C. Salop, Antitrust Worker Protections: The Rule of Reason Does Not Allow Counting of Out-of-Market Benefits, 90 U. Chi. L. Rev. 273-338 (2023).
[WWW] [Gtown Law] [HEIN] [W] [L] [SSRN]