The core of the Collaborative is the regular Fellows Workshop and the ongoing Fellows Seminar. Members of the Fellows Collaborative are also invited to programs about the teaching market, and can work together and with members of the faculty in the application process.

The Fellows Workshop meets every other week and gives fellows an opportunity to present their works in progress to one another. The goal is to improve the quality of participants’ work in a collaborative, supportive, critical and rigorous environment. The Fellows Workshop is run in the same format as faculty workshops. Presenting fellows are encouraged, though not required, to invite faculty with relevant interests to attend.

The Fellows Seminar is conducted by members of the faculty and is designed to provide, in the course of two years, an overview of major ideas in US legal thought and scholarship. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in four semester-long seminars, consisting roughly of: (1) Legal Theory and Jurisprudence (2) Law and Social Sciences (3) Law and Humanities, and (4) Contemporary Debates in Legal Scholarship. A different seminar will be offered each semester. Fellows who attend the seminar are not required to produce any writing, but are expected to do the readings and actively participate.