Georgetown Law’s Supreme Court Institute Holds October Term 2023 Press Preview Sept. 20

September 12, 2023

WASHINGTON – Georgetown Law’s Supreme Court Institute will host its annual press briefing, “Anticipating the Supreme Court’s October Term 2023” at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, September 20.

A panel of Supreme Court experts will discuss major cases to be argued this fall. Cases to be discussed include those on the administrative state, civil rights, guns and social media. Members of the press in attendance will be invited to pose questions to the panel.

For a broad discussion of cases currently on the court’s docket, please consult the Supreme Court Institute’s October Term 2023 Preview Report, available on the Supreme Court Institute’s website.

Panelists will include: Irv Gornstein, Supreme Court Institute, Georgetown Law; Lisa S. Blatt, Williams & Connolly LLP; David Cole, Georgetown Law and ACLU; Roman Martinez, Latham & Watkins LLP; and Hashim M. Mooppan, Jones Day.

Advanced registration is required to attend. Journalists wishing to register should email

Members of the public may watch a live stream on Georgetown Law’s YouTube channel at Webcast link:

Founded in 1999, Georgetown Law’s Supreme Court Institute offers moot courts as a public service, at no charge and irrespective of the positions taken by counsel, reflecting a core commitment to the quality of Supreme Court advocacy in all cases. In the October Term 2021, the institute held moot courts for advocates in all cases on the Court’s merits docket. Please address inquiries to SCI Director Debbie Shrager,