The Student Life and Wellness Committee (consisting of students and staff) meets to consider new student organization applications and evaluates them on an individual basis. The committee determines whether a group applying for recognition will bring value to the university community and ensures there is no duplication in purpose or name of an existing Georgetown Law student organization. All student organizations must be open to all members of the Georgetown community, including faculty, staff, and alumni. The committee will meet once per semester to consider new student organization applications. Please see the Office of Student Life for more information about semester deadlines for applications. After a decision has been made, new organization applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by the Assistant Director of Student Life. The new organization is then required to attend mandatory student organization training to review policies and procedures for student organization management.

New student organizations can be considered for official recognition and be eligible to receive funding from the Student Bar Association by submitting the following:

  • New Student Organization Application that includes goals for the new student organization, mandatory statement of contribution to the Georgetown Community, and mandatory sample program proposal with sample budget.
  • A proposed constitution
  • A list of 10 signatures of interested members, including one JD and one LLM student.
  • Name and Net Id of a proposed student organization president and treasurer.

Along with submission of these items through the New Student Organization Application, new student organizations may also be required to give a short presentation to the Student Life and Wellness Committee.

If approved, the new student organization will be considered “probationary” for the first academic year and will only be eligible to receive funding up to $500 during the first year.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life at

Recruiting New Members

The Office of Student Life assists organizations in their recruiting efforts by hosting an annual Student Organization Fair every fall. Tables are provided for the student organizations that register for the event. Refreshments and entertainment are provided to all students by The Office of Student Life. Student Organizations are encouraged to promote their organization and recruit new members by distributing information, answering questions, promoting upcoming events and activities, and collecting new member contact information.

Funding for New and Re-established Student Organizations

During the first semester of recognition, new or re-established organizations are held to be on “provisional” status, and are funded primarily through Supplemental funding. Supplemental Funding can be accessed by submitting a Supplemental Funding Request Form to the SBA. The SBA appropriations Committee will review the request and notify the requestor of whether or not the request was approved.

During their semester of “provisional” status, new or re-established organizations must hold at least one significant event (as defined in the SBA Appropriation’s by-laws) in order to be able to submit a semester budget request for a future semester. New organizations are subject to the same guidelines as established organizations and face the additional budgetary constraint of limited reserve funds.