Some of these apps are meant for specific audiences. If you’re an authorized user, please contact if you can’t successfully access a particular app.


Custom In-House Application Description Sunset Date Replacement Application Deployment Date
Roster An LTI integration of Law student photos  into Canvas. 5/21/2020 Photo Roster link in Canvas
(For Faculty/Faculty Support only)
Staff Directory A search page to look up staff and faculty members at the Law Center. 7/31/2020 SalesForce 9/30/2020
Exam Scheduling & Disability Database

(including P1R and P1R Reports)

An exam scheduling system and disability database. 7/31/2020 Exam Scheduling and Disability Database by AppointLink 10/9/2020
eSeat Classroom seating chart system. 5/21/2020 SeatGen by AppointLink 5/21/2020
Course Eval Reports for Faculty and Students Searchable archive of faculty evaluations. 7/31/2020 Box –
Student Evaluations Archive

Faculty Evaluation Archive – please contact Academic Affairs

State Secrets Archive An online public-facing repository of lawsuits involving the state secrets privilege. 7/31/2020 State Secrets Archive on
Sharepoint, created by AppointLink
Clinic Application A webform for students to apply for clinics. 5/29/2020 SalesForce 3/31/2021
Write On Competition Legal journals competition application. 5/29/2020 Write On by AppointLink 5/15/2020
The Network Alumni social networking application. 5/29/2020 HoyaGateway 2/14/2020
Student Certifications Certification requests processing application. 7/31/2020 SalesForce 8/10/2020