Some of these apps are meant for specific audiences. If you’re an authorized user, please contact if you can’t successfully access a particular app.


Custom In-House Application Description Sunset Date Replacement Application Deployment Date
Student Facebook A search page to look up law students. 7/31/2020 SeatGen (Faculty Only)
Advising360 (Staff)

Please note: Access through Advising360 is available to those with Academic advisor rights. If you do not have Academic advisor rights then you may be able to use MyAccess to gain access to the student information assuming your permissions provide you with this level of access.

Photo Roster Law An LTI integration of Law student photos  into Canvas. 5/21/2020 1. Photo Roster
link in Canvas

   (with GMS Photos),
2. SeatGen

Course Rosters

for Staff 

Course Rosters

for Faculty (aka Faculty Rosters)

Class lists with photos for faculty and faculty assistants. 5/21/2020 SeatGen by AppointLink 5/21/2020
Staff Directory A search page to look up staff and faculty members at the Law Center. 7/31/2020 SalesForce 7/31/2020
Exam Scheduling & Disability Database

(including P1R and P1R Reports)

An exam scheduling system and disability database. 7/31/2020 Exam Scheduling and Disability Database by AppointLink 9/9/2020
eSeat Classroom seating chart system. 5/21/2020 SeatGen by AppointLink 5/21/2020
Evaluations Archive for Faculty and Student Searchable archive of faculty evaluations. 7/31/2020 Box –
Student Evaluations Archive

Faculty Evaluation Archive – please contact Academic Affairs

State Secrets Archive An online public-facing repository of lawsuits involving the state secrets privilege. 7/31/2020 State Secrets Archive by AppointLink Pending
Clinic Application A webform for students to apply for clinics. 5/29/2020 SalesForce 3/31/2021
Write On Competition Legal journals competition application. 5/29/2020 Write On by AppointLink 5/15/2020
The Network Alumni social networking application. 5/29/2020 HoyaGateway 2/14/2020
Student Certifications Certification requests processing application. 7/31/2020 SalesForce 7/31/2020