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The Appropriate Process and Policy for the Distribution of Broadcast Email Messages

  • To send an email message to all Law Center students, faculty and staff members, please fill out the Broadcast Request Form. If you have questions or issues with the form please contact
  • Before making a request, please read Georgetown University’s Transmission of Messages via Broadcast Communication policy, located HERE.
  • Because messages are reviewed by several members of the administration, it usually takes one business day for messages to be delivered.

The Appropriate Use of Law Center Email Lists

  • The All Faculty and Staff list ( is intended for official Georgetown University communications. Law Center members can send official email messages directly to the All Faculty and Staff email list from their Law Center email accounts.
  • The Georgetown Law Announcements list ( is intended for personal announcements. Law Center members can send personal messages and announcements directly to the Georgetown Law Announcements email list from their Law Center email accounts.