All Georgetown Law Center technology support activities are handled by the Information Systems Technology Service Desk (SD). The SD serves as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all end-users (faculty/students/staff) who need help with any technology issues and facilities incidents or requests.

Please submit a Service Desk Request via email at, phone 202-662-9284, self service portal or visit us in person at McDonough Hall – Room 152 to obtain assistance with the following additional services:

  • PCS and  Peripherals
  • Business Applications
  • Website and Website Accessibility
  • Network Support including WiFi Connectivity
  • Telecommunications Support including Landline and Mobile Phone Support
  • IT Project Support
  • Office/Library Technology Support
Fall/Spring Semester Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 am to 6:00pm


8:30 am to 5:00 pm

After Hours Support

  • Monday – Friday: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

This extended schedule covers all scheduled classes and office hours. Arrangements for coverage can also be made for special events/classes outside this schedule by contacting the SD ahead of time.

There are several ways to submit a request to the SD for assistance:

  • Call x9284– or 202.662.9284 from outside the Law Center. You will be connected to an agent that will assist you with your issue.
  • Email anytime from anywhere.
  • Use the Self Service website – you will be prompted for your NetID credentials.
  • Walk over to McDonough Hall, Room 152.

It’s important that all calls are routed via the SD for tracking and triaging purposes. Please do not bypass the system by calling support people directly.

Upon submission of your request, you will receive an automated email confirmation with a ticket number. You may also receive additional update emails as we work to complete your request. Once your ticket is closed you will receive another email, as our technicians have been instructed to confirm ticket completion with the customer prior to closing it.

In order to receive real-time feedback from our customers, 10% of the tickets closed will generate a link to a customer survey where you can comment on the quality and caliber of the service received.

Please do not hesitate to email if you feel that your expectations have not been met.

The matrix below contains information on the different priority levels:

Priority Time
Priority Definitions
Critical 30 Min 4hrs 30 Min Incidents with severe mission critical impact and enterprise wide service outage.
Urgent 60 Min 8hrs 60 Min Certain applications are inaccessible/unusable.
User Machine is not usable.
Normal 4hrs 3 business
120 Min Regular Incidents.
Non Critical anomalies in hardware/software performance.
Localized Incidents.
Low 8hrs 5 business
480 Min Requests for installation of new hardware/software.
Equipment moved within an office or area.

The Law Center Service follows ITIL for its service delivery and service management.  ITIL is an internationally recognized set of concepts and policies for managing information technology infrastructure, development and operations. Utilization of this framework for the Law Center Service Desk ensures the following for the Law Center community:

  • A Single Point Of Contact To Request All IT Services
  • Specified Support Levels to Set Customer Expectations
  • Individual Technician Ownership for each Service Desk ticket
  • Feedback Mechanism to Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Ability to track/trend support flow and support Continuous Service Improvement