Daily Report-Archive

 Case #: LC24-0001

Incident Type:   Theft 
Location:   120 Northwest F Street, Washington, DC
Date/Time Reported:  01/06/24, 12:48 AM
Incident Occurred Between: 01/05 – 6/24, 7:56 PM  –  12:45 AM
Supp. Ref#: N/A
Incident Narrative: A frozen food order was delivered outside Gewirz Hall at 7:58 PM, the owner arrived to retrieve the order at 12:48 PM. The items were taken by an unknown person riding a motorized scooter. Video footage was captured of the incident, but no tag or other identifiable markings were captured of the vehicle or person. 
Disposition:  Case Pending

Case #: LC24-006

Incident Type:  Attempted Theft
Location: New Jersey and Massachusetts Ave.
Date/Time Reported 1/25/24, 5:00 PM
Incident Occurred Between 1/25/24, 4:00 PM –  5:00 PM
Supp. Ref#: N/A
Incident Narrative: A Georgetown Law Student exited the  Williams Law Library walking towards New Jersey Ave when an unknown person  wearing a blue sweat shirt and blue pants attempted to take her cell phone.  The Metropolitan Police was contacted for the official report.
Disposition:  Pending Investigation
Notes: Camera footage was obtained, but could not identify a person of interest. A HOYA alert was sent.