24-Hour Emergency Assistance Number: (202) 662-9325

The Georgetown Law Department of Public Safety (DPS) consists of a total of 37 uniformed special police officers, including five communications officers and six sergeants under the leadership of Acting Chief Jose Burgos.

All campus police officers have the power of arrest and are commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Department. All campus police officers are required to have at least 250 hours of police training. Officers without previous law enforcement training are required to successfully complete the Washington D.C. University Consortium Police Academy. The officers are armed with batons and OC spray and wear protective body armor. The Georgetown Law Department of Public Safety maintains an excellent working relationship with the Georgetown University Police Department, Metropolitan Police Department, the Capitol Police Department, the Supreme Court Police Department, the U.S. Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Georgetown law campus security systems includes electronic building access control, surveillance cameras, strategically placed call boxes, panic alarms, fire control systems and campus loudspeaker system. All of the security systems are monitored 24 hours a day by a communications officer located in the Communications Center.

Georgetown Law Department of Public Safety is an advocate of community policing. It stations uniformed special police officers, security officers and student guards at strategic locations throughout the buildings of the campus community. Their primary function is to keep our campus safe. They do this by foot, vehicle, and bike patrols and checking the identification of those who enter campus facilities.

There is always a shift supervisor/Sergeant assigned to every shift. Their office is located in McDonough room 125. Students, faculty and staff can request a DPS escort to their vehicle by calling 202-662-9325.