In the event of an evacuation, people with limited mobility that prevents them from exiting the building with others should:

  • Proceed to the nearest stairwell and wait there to be evacuated by a member of the DC Fire & EMS Department.
  • If possible, ask another person to accompany you to the stairwell. Ask him or her to immediately inform a DPS officer and/or other emergency responder of your exact location (floors, stairwell number, etc.) once he or she has evacuated.
  • If a Building or Floor Marshals (identified by a fluorescent vest) is present, inform him or her of your need for assistance so he or she may give your location to a DPS officer and/or other emergency responder.
  • Once in the stairwell, use a cell phone to call DPS at (202)662-9325 and provide the following information: –‐ Exact location (floor, stairwell number, etc.) –‐ Name –‐ Cell phone number –‐ Any information needed to assist in evacuation.
  • If there is no imminent danger, you may choose to remain in the building until emergency personnel arrive. If the danger is imminent and you need assistance, notify emergency personnel immediately.
  • Please remember you can always contact 911 in the event of any emergency.