These pages, which include samples and guidelines to help you self-critique, will help you make a good start on these crucial documents, and during the academic year, we also encourage you to attend our workshops on resume, cover letter, and business correspondence writing.

We recognize that, even with all of these resources at your disposal, it can be useful to have someone else review these items. To facilitate this process, we offer a service whereby you can submit substantially final drafts of your resume and/or cover letter electronically for review. This service is available for currently enrolled students and alumni who have graduated in the past three years.

Submission Guidelines

  • In order to use our review service for your resume, we require you to use one of our resume templates.
  • Please keep in mind that for each semester (Fall semester: September to December) and Spring semester: January to May), currently enrolled LL.M. students are limited to the submission of five documents for review. Note: documents submitted during Fall semester do not count towards a students’ Spring semester limit.
  • LL.M. alumni who have graduated in the past three years may use the document review service but are limited to the submission of five documents total. Note: documents submitted while enrolled as a student do not count towards an alumni total.
  • A document is defined as text with a separate header (e.g., a resume and cover letter included in one PDF are two documents).
  • Office of Graduate Careers will make every effort to reply to your submission within one week (7 business days), although occasionally this is not possible due to high volume. For this reason, please send your documents well in advance of any deadline.
  • Our policy is not to review writing samples, personal statements or job application forms.
  • We understand that you may need additional support or have a deadline approaching and you need immediate feedback on your resume. For these situations, you can use the virtual platform, Resume Worded. Resume Worded is an online platform available to all Georgetown students that provides instant feedback on your resume. Upload your resume to the platform and it will identify the strengths of your resume and places for improvements.