Why Georgetown is Different


Three keys explain the Georgetown difference:

Richness of Opportunity –Georgetown offers its LL.M. students an extraordinary wealth of choices for advanced legal study. Imagine that you are at Georgetown now - take a look at this year's course grids (Fall; Spring) to discover the richness of what your curricular choices would be. Pick a time slot, and consider which course you would choose from among those offered.The combined breadth and depth of the curriculum is exceptional, and is reflected in the range of degree options and specialization certificates at Georgetown. In two fields – tax law and securities and financial regulation – students have the option of enrolling in an online degree program, with classes taught by the same professors, at the same high level, as all Georgetown classes.

The D.C. Advantage –The full-time faculty is world class, but at Georgetown, students get a bonus: all of Washington is their second classroom. Its government agencies, national and international organizations, and elite law firms provide both externship opportunities for students, and adjunct professors who are leaders in their fields and who bring the excitement of current practice issues into the classroom.A few of many examples: Four U.S. Tax Court Judges and two former Assistant Secretaries of the Treasury (for tax policy) teach at Georgetown, along with officials and top lawyers from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the International Finance Corporation, the Department of State, and countless other organizations headquartered in Washington.

Professional Development –In order to ensure that LL.M. students receive the same high quality counseling as J.D. students in career and professional services, the Office of Graduate Programs has three full-time staff – all experienced attorneys - who work solely with LL.M. students. (Follow them on Twitter.) Together, they organize dozens of programs geared to various levels of professional experience in addition to providing individualized counseling, resume review and interview preparation services. Many of Georgetown's foreign-educated students take a bar exam at the end of their LL.M. studies, and Georgetown offers ample courses to satisfy the eligibility requirements for the New York bar. Because students from outside the United States began studying for the LL.M. at Georgetown in the 1890's, there are now tens of thousands of alumni who form a network of the world's top lawyers. Each new graduating student joins the Global Georgetown network.

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