The LL.M. Summer Experience is an intensive summer learning opportunity for incoming foreign-educated LL.M. students. The program is designed to make it easier for students new to the U.S. and to our legal education system to become comfortable in the American law school environment, while at the same time allowing them to enroll in courses that count toward the LL.M. degree.

This "early start" is optional, but it is especially helpful to those students planning to sit for the New York Bar exam after graduation, and those hoping to satisfy the requirements for a specialized certificate in addition to the LL.M. degree requirements during the academic year.

Enrollment in the LL.M. Summer Experience is open only to incoming Georgetown LL.M. students whose first law degree is from outside the United States.

Summer Experience video

The first component is the three-week course on "Foundations of American Law" which provides students with an introduction to the basics of American law and to the special dynamics of the U.S. legal classroom. Students learn about the U.S. court system, common law reasoning, and contemporary legal issues in the United States. This course typically covers subjects such as constitutional law, corporations, contracts, and jurisdiction.

Attendance at Foundations is required for students to participate in the second portion of the Summer Experience, during which students choose between taking either Professional Responsibility or U.S. Legal Research, Analysis and Writing, both of which satisfy New York bar requirements.

Summer Experience 2017 Schedule:

Sunday, July 9:                                           Check in for students living in Gewirz Student Center
Monday, July 10:                                        Registration 
Tuesday, July 11 - Friday, July 28:         Foundations of American Law 
Monday, July 31 - Friday, August 18:    Professional Responsibility or U.S. Legal Research Analysis and Writing

More information will be sent to admitted students in late January/early February. If you have any questions, please email