Trial Advocacy Division

The Barristers’ Council at Georgetown University Law Center has supported competitive student advocacy for seventy years. The Trial Advocacy Division chooses its members through the annual intrascholastic William W. Greenhalgh Trial Advocacy Competition. Those who accept invitations to the Division undergo training with practitioner coaches. Georgetown Law’s trial advocacy curriculum supplements our program through clinical education and advocacy classes. The 2016 US News & World Report rankings place the Georgetown trial advocacy program 5th nationally. The Barristers’ Council Trial Advocacy Division hosts the annual National White Collar Crime Mock Trial Invitational, an elite national tournament that hosts twenty teams by invitation.

The National White Collar Crime Mock Trial Invitational

For almost two decades, Georgetown's National White Collar Crime Mock Trial Invitational has been a standard in the law school mock trial community. Twenty teams from around the country are invited each year to try an original case based on a current issue in white-collar crime. To apply for the 2017 competition, please click here. More information can be found on The National White Collar Crime Invitational Page, under the Information for Visiting Competitors tab.

2016 Results

Champion: New York University School of Law
Finalist: Chicago-Kent College of Law
Semifinalists: University of Houston Law Center and William & Mary Law School

Division Leadership

Georgetown is proud to have the highest-ranked student-run trial advocacy program in the country. Our division leadership is trained by the Senior Coaching Faculty and supported by Law Center administration.

Jacqueline Yarbro and Jordan Dickson, Co-Directors
Meghan Strong, Assistant Director for Program Development
James Ferguson, Assistant Director for Outreach
Natalie Gideon, Assistant Director for Administrative Affairs
Anna Schamberg, Director of Finance
Nick Hakun, White Collar Director
Caitlin Bozman and Troy Nichols, White Collar Assistant Directors
Jennifer Soliman, Greenhalgh Director
Erin Steele and Elisa Egonu, Greenhalgh Assistant Directors

Georgetown Law is currently ranked 6th in Trial Advocacy by U.S. News.

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