Mitos Parabot HeadshotMitos honed her executive assistant skills when she assisted the director of business services in the Office of Financial Affairs, followed by supporting an assistant dean in the Office of JD Program (now Academic Affairs). She has been with the Office of the Dean since 2004 supporting the associate deans for Academic Affairs.

In recent years, she has supported the associate deans for Research and Academic Programs and assisted the associate dean for Graduate and International Programs and the associate dean for External Programs. She also assists the Entry Level Appointments Committee with the hiring process of faculty candidates.

Mitos has been a Lawyers/Staff in Balance facilitator since 2009. Her long-term avocation in personal development has allowed her to experiment with various practices and she appreciates the importance of caring for one’s mind, body, and spirit. As a facilitator, she gladly shares with others her insights in caring for one’s self through a mindfulness practice.