(Effective since Fall 2016)

A J.D. student may seek a one-time waiver of the per-semester credit minimum from an academic advisor for compelling reasons.  See “Permission to Underload”  (p. 8 of the Georgetown Law Student Handbook).  A waiver is required for full-time students earning fewer than 10 credits and part-time students earning fewer than 6 credits in a semester.  A student who does not receive approval for a waiver will have their graduation date extended by one semester.

Per-Semester Credit Minimum Waiver Form

Per-Semester Credit Minimum Waiver Form PDF

Setting up an appointment with an advisor: Call the Office of J.D. Academic Services at 202-662-9041 or the Office of the Dean of Students at 202-662-4066, or email the Experiential Education advisors at lawexp@georgetown.edu to make an appointment with an academic advisor.

Financial Aid: J.D. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits in the Fall or Spring to remain eligible for financial aid.  Students borrowing federal loans should review the financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and/or talk with a financial aid advisor to discuss any questions related to the specific application of the policy.

Student Health Insurance: Students registered for fewer than 8 credits in a Fall semester may not be eligible for Student Health Insurance.  Students should review the information found on the Student Health Insurance website and email shi@georgetown.edu with any questions.

International Students: Students on F-1 student visas, who must complete their degree in three years, should consult with the Visa Coordinator.