Instructions on How to Add/Drop/Waitlist courses:

  1. Log in to MyAccess (
  2. Click on Student Services
  3. Click on Registration
  4. Click on Registration (Add, Drop, or Waitlist Courses)
  5. Select the term you are registering for and click Submit. (Your current schedule will be displayed at the top of this page)
  6. Review your revised schedule at the top of the page to verify that the changes you made are reflected.
  7. Log out when you are finished.

To add a course, enter the CRN (Course Reference Number listed in the Curriculum Guide) directly in the Add Classes Worksheet and click Submit Changes. An error message will appear if you unsuccessfully added the course to your schedule.

It is recommended that you use the online curriculum guide to determine the available classes and CRNs instead of using the “Search” function to add yourself to the waitlist, choose Waitlisted from the Action menu next to the CRN of that course, and click the Submit Changes button.

To drop a course, choose Drop on Web from the Action menu next to the CRN of that course,and click the Submit Changes button. Students may drop a course from their schedule by the end of the Add/Drop Period without a transcript notation.