This application is for the 2020-21 academic year (including summer 2020). If you wish to apply for financial aid to cover the spring 2019 semester, please complete the 2019-20 application.

Step 1 - FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is required for all applicants (unless you're only seeking private loans - this is not common). The FAFSA is completed every year.

Use School Code G21075.

Your parents' information is NOT required here.

Step 2 - CSS Financial Aid/PROFILE

This step is required ONLY if you are applying for need-based grant assistance FOR THE FIRST TIME as a continuing student.

Use School Code 7306.

The PROFILE requires your parental information.

Step 3 - Budget

Figure out how much you will need to spend on tuition, books and living expenses for the upcoming academic year to attend Georgetown Law.

Visiting another school?

If you are planning to attend a semester or more at a different school, you must notify the Financial Aid Office through the steps outlined in the Visiting Away Packet, also available at the link below.

Step 4 - Loan Types

Next, learn more about the different type of student loans available to you.

Step 5 - Loan Documents

You must complete (usually online) various requirements for your student loans. Now is the time to do so. If this is your first time borrowing loans at Georgetown Law, if you have not already done so, please complete your loan documents.

Step 6 - Tell us your plans with the Georgetown Law Green Application

The information you provide on the Georgetown Law Green Application tells us the types of aid for which you are applying to cover your expenses this upcoming year. If you are renewing your Dean's Tuition Grant, please upload your parent's tax documents, unless otherwise waived, within the application.

The priority filing dates are:

Summer Aid Requests - April 15, 2020
Fall Aid Requests - June 15, 2020 (new extended priority filing date)

Step 7 - Tax Documents for Grant Application and Renewal

If you are renewing your grant assistance you must submit copies of your parents' 2019 federal tax returns. Please submit your tax documents within the Green Application or utilize the upload tool on our site at a later time.

If your parents are remarried, please be sure submit W2s for each parent so that we may continue to remove the tax information for each step-parent unless they were used in lieu of a parent. Please DO NOT send tax documents via email. Your GoCard ID should be included at the top of all documents.

NOTE: We know that many families are delaying their tax filings this year due to the July 15 tax filing extension. If you are unable to include the tax information by the priority filing date, that is not a problem. Go ahead and complete the Green Application now and simply utilize the upload tool on our site when the documents are available.

Step 8 - Review Award Notice

Beginning in July we will mail completed applicants their award notice confirming their aid.

In addition to completing the above requirements, students visiting away at another law school (not including CTLS or another official Georgetown Law study abroad program) during any of the above terms must also complete additional materials.

Georgetown Law requires parental information for all grant applicants, regardless of student age, marital status or financial independence. Students must provide information for each living parent, even if they are divorced, separated or were never married. Step-parent information is not required. If you believe extraordinary circumstances prevent you from complying with these requirements, please contact the Office of Financial Aid in writing with an explanation. Exemptions are rarely granted.

If your parents are divorced, separated or were never married, the second parent (it does not matter which one) may complete the Noncustodial Parent Information Worksheet and submit it in hard copy instead of the online CSS PROFILE form if desired.

In addition, if you or one or more of your parents own a business or farm, your application will not be considered complete without the submission of a completed Business/Farm Supplement.

Many students enrolled for the Summer 2020 semester will be eligible for Federal Direct Stafford Loans for the Summer semester.  Qualifying students will typically be eligible to receive up to one-half of the annual Stafford loan maximum for the Summer semester, the remaining one-half for the Fall semester and an additional amount up to the annual maximum for the Spring semester. The Office of Financial Aid will review your application to ensure you qualify. Not all Summer borrowers will be eligible for this expanded Stafford eligibility.