Why is Georgetown Law offering an alumni interview?

An alumni interview offers the Office of Admissions an opportunity to learn more about candidates beyond the written application.  Those invited to interview are applicants the Admissions Committee wishes to learn more about before making a decision.  Alumni interviews also offer a unique opportunity for candidates to learn about Georgetown Law in a personal and meaningful way.

What is the role of the alumni interviewer?

The interviewer plays an important role in personalizing the Admissions process for an applicant. We hope that meeting one of our alumni will make more likely to choose Georgetown Law.

How will the alumni interview be used when making admission decisions?

The interview provides a supplementary perspective of the candidate. After interviews are completed, alumni will submit an evaluation report, which will become part of the applicant’s file.  The evaluation report then becomes a vital part of the decision process, but it does not supplant the role of the Office of Admissions in making admission decisions. Your feedback will be carefully considered by the Committee along with all other aspects of the applicant’s file and will help us to select from among the very best students for Georgetown Law.

Will a student’s application be affected if they do not have an interview?

No. For those who are invited by the Admissions Committee to be interviewed, the alumni interview is optional. Applicants who are not chosen to interview or who choose not to interview after being invited to do so will not be adversely affected, and their applications will be considered complete without an interview.


Who is eligible to be an alumni interviewer?

Any J.D. graduate of Georgetown Law who is interested in participating in the interview program may sign up to do so. Once registered, you will be in our Alumni Interview database and will receive communications relating to the interview program.

I know a student who is applying to Georgetown Law. Am I eligible to interview them?

No. If you are assigned a candidate you happen to know, you must excuse yourself and request another candidate to interview. This policy safeguards the best interests of candidates and Georgetown Law. You are, however, welcome to provide a letter of recommendation for any candidate you know who is applying to Georgetown Law and that recommendation will be included in the applicant’s file for review by the Admissions Committee.


When will interviewing take place?

We typically begin extending invitations to interview in October and continue through the admissions cycle, with almost all interviews completed by April.

How many interviews do you expect each alumni interviewer to conduct?

We estimate alumni will conduct 1 - 3 interviews over the course of the entire admission season.  Please let us know if you are willing to conduct additional interviews.

Where should I conduct the interview?

Interviews are encouraged to be conducted via Zoom, FaceTime, or any similar online portal of your choice. Do not record virtual interviews in any way.

How long should the interview be?

This typical interview lasts about 30 to 60 minutes.

What information will be provided to me about an applicant?

Your unique personal interaction with the applicant will serve as a source of additional information the Committee could not otherwise obtain. Therefore, the Committee has decided not to provide numerical information such as LSAT scores or GPA to avoid inadvertently influencing the nature of your discussion or resulting evaluation. However, you should ask your interviewee to provide you with a resume before of the interview.

Are there specific questions I should ask?

Although we can provide you with a list of questions to use as a guideline if you would like one, the Committee believes it would be most helpful for you to conduct the interview in your own style in an effort to best learn about aspects of the applicant’s skills and personality.  The resume, provided to you by the applicant in advance of the interview, should give you a starting point for questions.  A successful interview should be a pleasant conversation between the interviewer and prospective student, which results in a more informed understanding of the candidate and a better appreciation of Georgetown Law. 

Of course, certain questions regarding legally protected characteristics are obviously off-limits (such as those dealing with marital status, sexual orientation, etc.).

How should I evaluate an applicant?

You should consider the applicant in relation to other Georgetown lawyers or law students with whom you are familiar. The evaluation form gives you the opportunity to comment on the applicant and assign them a score of 1-5.

What happens when the interview is completed?

After the interview we ask that you complete the evaluation form within 3 business days of the interview so that we may proceed with our review of the application. You can complete the interview evaluation form online through the Interview Program’s password-protected website or you can email us a completed version.