Georgetown Law Joins Partners The Lab @ DC and Howard University for Final Day of Workshop Series to Reimagine Police Stops

October 21, 2020

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Thursday, October 22, Georgetown Law’s Innovative Policing Program, The Lab @ DC, and Howard University will co-host the final session of a seven-part workshop series designed to reimagine the role of police stops in public safety. Over the course of the last two weeks, workshop participants discussed the harms and benefits of police stops, weighed different methods for measuring bias in stops, and considered the long-term effects of stops on residents, officers, and our community. Participants also considered next steps for research and policy, identifying proposals at the individual, department, and city level. Workshop participants included more than 100 community leaders, researchers, advocates, police executives, and frontline officers who shared their lived experiences and technical expertise.

The final session will include an overview of the workshop experience, findings surfaced through workshop discussions and presentations, and recommendations for next steps in research and policy to be presented to a wider audience, including District leaders. This workshop series lays the foundation for the District’s goal of making meaningful use of our stops data through an inclusive, participatory process. In addition to shaping the District’s research agenda on police stops, input from the workshops will inform three public documents: a white paper summarizing the event; a literature review and measurement guide outlining rigorous, valid methods for detecting bias in police stops and for documenting and measuring the benefits and harms of this practice; a research agenda on the role of police stops in public safety for the District; and a suite of recommendations for increasing the benefits and reducing the harms associated with police stops in DC and other jurisdictions.


Thursday, October 22, 2020
11:00 a.m. ET


Georgetown Law’s Innovative Policing Program
The Lab @ DC
Howard University
Chief Peter Newsham, Metropolitan Police Department


This is a virtual event. A link to attend the session will be provided upon RSVP.

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A workshop overview can be provided upon request.