Bike and Scooter Registration

Riders are encouraged to register their bikes and scooters with the Department of Public Safety (DPS), as registered bikes and scooters are easier to identify and recover should they be stolen or removed. Bikes and scooters are registered throughout the academic year.

Bike and Scooter Parking

Riders are encouraged to lock and secure their bikes or scooters at all times. Designated storage racks are available around campus, including interior racks on the McDonough Hall Garage, P2 parking level.

Abandoned Bikes and Scooters

The racks on campus are intended for short-term parking. Bikes and scooters should be removed from racks in a timely fashion. Bikes and scooters left unused for more than thirty (30) days, or displaying signs of significant neglect, such as rusted chains, bent or flat tires, or missing parts will be tagged with a notice that they are subject to removal. After fourteen (14) days, the tagged bike or scooter will be removed.

Retrieving Bikes and Scooters

If a bike or scooter has been removed, please contact DPS at 202-662-9325 or to identify the item and schedule pick-up.

  • If the bike or scooter is not registered with DPS, the owner will be asked to provide proof of ownership.
  • Bikes and scooters will be stored for thirty (30) days, after which they will be disposed of or donated to a local charity.