To be eligible for Georgetown Law’s Postgrad Fellowship Program, hosts hire fellows with a salary of at least $45,000 (though most hosts pay more). Eligible host employers include 501c(3) non-profits or state or local government agencies. Over 50 organizations and government agencies have hired fellows, including: ACLU of VA, DC Office of the Attorney General, RFK Human Rights, and Veterans Education Success.


Georgetown Law works with eligible employers to advertise and recruit for these positions. Typically, Fellowship advertisements are finalized in early-January and are released to students in late-January. Fellowship interviews and hiring typically happens in late-February and through March. Georgetown is happy to support employers who need to recruit outside of this timeline.

Host organizations must employ the fellow as a member of their staff (not a contractor or volunteer) and enter into a simple MOU with Georgetown (sample available upon request). Fellows do not need to have a formal “project” and are free to work on almost anything in a legal and policy capacity. Fellows may not do explicit political campaigns or lobbying work.

Typically, Fellowships begin in the fall following the Fellow’s graduation from Georgetown Law. Some fellowships begin a few months earlier or later, but all must begin by February following the Fellow’s graduation.

Georgetown works closely with Fellows and host organizations throughout the one-year fellowship. Georgetown’s career advisors provide ongoing support to Fellows regarding their post-fellowship and long-term career plans. Georgetown offers the Delaney Post-Graduate Residency Program for Fellows in the DC-area to help bridge the gap between law school and practice and supplement the host organizations’ existing professional training and development programs.

If you are interested in recruiting a Georgetown J.D. graduate through this Fellowship program, please contact Ruby Sheikh, Assistant Director, Public Interest Employer & Alumni Outreach.