How will I know when my documents have been processed and mailed?

You will receive a confirmation email once your documents have been mailed. For Spring graduates we send all documents in batches by FedEx, we will include the tracking number in the email confirmation.

Why do I need to complete the Request for Certification form?

The Request for Certification form serves as an authorization release form for our office to complete your documents.

Where can I find the address of the bar?

Most times, this information can be found on the top or bottom of your law school certificate. If not, please refer to your bar’s website.

I haven’t graduated yet but my bar requires me to submit my law school certificate before my graduation date. What should I do?

We can still complete your law school certificate, however, we will modify the document to state your expected graduation date. You will need to request another certification once your degree has been conferred to submit to your bar.

Can I request a transcript for the bar to be sent to me, so that I can mail the transcript to the bar myself?

Yes, but there is a 5 dollar charge. We do not charge for transcripts sent directly to the bar from Georgetown.

Can I email my documents to your office instead of mailing them?

Yes, in addition to submitting your document that you need certified please also complete and submit our Request for Certification form here.

Can I receive my processed documents by email?

Yes, you can request to have you’re processed mailed to you, emailed to you or for pick up.

I am a May graduate but I am not sitting for the July bar, I am sitting for the February bar when will be the best time to submit my documents to your office to be certified?

We would like to accept your documents beginning in November to certify you for the February bar.

There is a Spring drop-in session for recent graduates to submit their documents to your office, is there also a drop-in session for February graduates?

No, since we have more students sitting for the July bar we have drop-in sessions for our graduates so that a representative from our office can collect and assist with the completion of documents. Since we have fewer February graduates we are able to provide one on one assistance when graduates come into our office.

Does the Registrar’s Office have a notary?

No. However, there are multiple notaries on campus. They can be found here.

Can the Office of the Registrar complete my pro-bono documents?

No, please take your documents to the OPICS office, located in McDonough Hall Room 208.

Can I submit my documents for my friend?

No. If you are unable to submit your documents to our office personally, you can email the documents to our office.

My document requires a seal but when I received it via email it does not have the seal, what am I supposed to do?

Your document has an embossed seal which cannot be seen via email. Our office can mail the document to you for you to provide to the bar.

How do I know if I am submitting all the necessary documentation for my bar application.

Unfortunately, our office can only provide you with the information needed for certifying your documentation to sit for the bar. All other inquiries will need to go to the jurisdiction in which you are applying.


Q: Where can I find the handwriting specimen and certificate of attendance forms?

For JD students, this information can be found in your email. Try searching for the name of each document in the search box and it should pop up or check your spam folder. For LLM students, this information can be found on the NYBOLE website under the “Forms” tab.

Should I write my handwriting specimen in cursive or print?

Write in your preferred handwriting style.

LLM Students Only: My credits aren’t right on my form, how can I change that? What if I make a mistake completing my form?

You can either complete the document again with the correct information and or use white out to make corrections. If necessary, we will make the correction for you before submitting your document to the bar.

LLM Student Only: Where can I find the dates of my summer program?

A: Please contact the Office of Graduate Programs (202-662-9036) located in Hotung 5000, to obtain this information.

Q: I am no longer in the DC area to submit my bar documents in person. Can you certify my handwriting specimen by comparing it to my handwriting while I was in attendance at the Law Center?

Unfortunately, our office does not compare handwriting specimen. You will need to get your specimen notarized by a notary, once this is done you can mail it to our office with the rest of your documents or you can mail it directly to the NYBOLE. Our office will then provide a letter stating that you were unable to get your specimen certified within our office to go with your documents to be sent to the NYBOLE.


I have not received a form from the California bar, do I still need to complete the Request for Certification form?

Yes, our office uses the Request for Certification as an authorization release form to confirm your graduation and attendance dates to California as well as provide them with your official transcript.