Professional Development Coaching Program (PDCP)

Are you interested in becoming a more confident, inspiring student and leader? Georgetown’s Professional Development Coaching Program (PDCP) will help you tap into your strengths and tackle your challenges by creating a space for you to grow and learn. The PDCP will personally guide you as you increase your self-awareness and proactively create the results you want. How does it work? Through the use of powerful questions, the PDCP invites you to design and then practice new techniques and behaviors that will support you in accomplishing your unique goals.

Common Areas of Coaching

• Confidence
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Self-awareness
• Time Management


• 45-minute sessions
• Up to 3 sessions per student
• All sessions are confidential

What Coaching Is Not

• Consulting
• Career Advising
• Mentorship
• Therapy
• Counseling


“Jose Luis communicated with me in a way that I understood. I am a visual learner and understand things through visual/real world situations. Throughout the program, I was using metaphors to show him how I was feeling and thinking on specific coaching topics. Jose Luis took this in and guided me by using analogies and metaphors to help me create a toolbox that I could use when certain problems confronted me again. Sometimes, he didn’t intentionally try to use a metaphor, but my understanding of what he was saying allowed me to bring his words to life. Also, it is important to know the coaching program only works if a student is able to put in the work they want to get out of it. Because I was so excited about my meetings with Jose Luis and ready to do the mental work necessary to explore, he was able to help me by nudging me towards finding the “answers” I sought on my own. Jose Luis is like a light guiding your path, and the only way to move along that path is if you actively walk down it.”

“I really appreciated the way that Jose Luis acted as a sounding board for me, provided clarity for my thoughts, and offered encouragement with respect to my career. He is an excellent professional development coach, and everyone can benefit from his guidance.”

“I really enjoyed the personalized approach. It was very helpful to end each session with concrete and actionable steps to improve myself. And Jose is a great coach! It was a positive experience and was especially helpful during such a challenging semester.”

“Coaching sessions with Jose Luis provided me with a space to think through my goals and create concrete steps on how to work toward those goals. In a COVID world often filled with anxiety and uncertainty, I found it was a breath of fresh air to meet with Jose Luis and focus on my own success. He is kind, thoughtful, and he did a great job of both guiding me through the sessions and letting me come to my own conclusions of how to approach an issue.”

“My semester of professional development coaching with Jose Luis was moving and empowering. Each time we met, I felt like I had entered a quiet space separate from the chaos of law school and personal life demands where I could reflect and readjust. Jose Luis masterfully guided me through discussion of issues at the intersection of the personal and professional, giving me the opportunity to address and realign my thinking and practices. I developed skills for navigating issues like impostor syndrome, work-life balance, and what I want to do versus what I think I “should” be doing. I highly recommend coaching with Jose Luis to other students looking to grow personally and professionally.” 

“The Coaching Program was absolutely wonderful. It gave me an opportunity to speak out loud my goals and dreams, along with the concerns I have about the future in my career path. It was very liberating to share those thoughts with Jose Luis, especially since he is such a great listener and really cares about his students – I always felt safe and comfortable talking to him. We came up with some small and large goals in order for me to move forward and figure out the path I wanted to take, and how to best approach it. It was an awesome experience!”

“Professional Development Coaching Program (PDCP) tremendously helped me rebuild my confidence and find motivations, especially during the pandemic. I highly recommend coaching with Jose Luis. He patiently listened to my challenges and concerns and gave me effective and genuine advice that helped me grow personally and professionally. I cannot thank him enough for his time and dedication and hope other students and recent alumni can also take advantage of this great coaching opportunity.”

“This coaching program was so helpful for me because thanks to each session I could identify clearly a personal and professional main topic to work on it. I may say that thanks to this self-evaluating technique with the Coach’s help, I was able to establish a base-structure of three main issues to work from now on my professional development as never I had organized mindful myself. Thus thanks to this space and the provocative questions, I’ve realized about different and likely efficient manners to work on the issues I identified during the program. I think this is a space that many students should be able to give themselves because this kind of mind-exercising puts students in an organized perspective to face our student-life and be aware of the challenges.  Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to explore in my mind to draw out very important topics that actually are fundamental for my career.”

“It was my pleasure to meet you and talk to you. I really enjoyed the conversation between us and I gained a lot from your side. I really appreciated that I had the chance to get involved in this program. I trusted this coaching program a lot during the process. Especially under the current situation, the way you talked, and the thoughts you shared with me, I felt support from school at that moment. Thanks a lot! I felt much more confident about myself after each session! I already recommended this program to another JD student. I think this program should be known by more students in our law school. This program could let me share my thoughts and concerns. I also think this is a good design for this program because for some point I couldn’t share my thoughts with my family or friends, but I could share with the coach through this program.”

“Thank you very much for the coaching sessions during the past four weeks.  They were very helpful and allowed me to set clear objectives to keep developing personally and professionally.  I hope this type of coaching sessions are made available to more students.”

“The coaching sessions I had with Jose Luis provided me with the insight I need in order to face the professional challenges that as a recent graduate I am now facing. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the sessions had a clear objective and that just by talking to him I was able to clear my mind and figure out what my options were and make the best out of my network. He was always very understanding, perceptive and insightful. I just wish I could have had the sessions earlier, while still a student. All Georgetown LLM students would benefit from having access to the professional coaching sessions offered by Jose Luis. I strongly recommend working with Jose Luis and I am very happy to have had the chance to do so”.

“I had the pleasure of having six professional development coaching sessions with Jose Luis. As a female, transfer student of color who identifies as LGBT, I have always felt like the cards were stacked against me. I credit Jose Luis’s coaching with easing my adjustment to Georgetown Law and greatly facilitating my connection with the school.

I especially appreciated the conversations we had about confidence and connection. Through thoughtful, self-reflective questions, Jose Luis elicited my negative assumptions and associations with confidence. He reframed the term and helped me redefine it in a way that was empowering and spoke to me.

Jose Luis is the perfect person to conduct professional development for students at GULC. His personality and genuineness helped me open up and seek support I otherwise wouldn’t have. He provided not only practical advice but a space for self-reflection and recommendations for other resources. I cannot thank Jose Luis enough and hope more students have the opportunity to receive coaching from him in the future.”

“Jose Luis Davila-Gonzalez delivered a valuable coaching program for me in my first year during law school. As an international student, there are many things to learn as to a professional in the United States. The most important thing is that learn about yourself as a person. What stands out about Jose is that he is flexible, listens well and was able to adapt his coaching expertise to reflect my needs related to professional development. His program provided me with much to think about, resolutions to apply when back in my own life and strategies to use when leading, studying and working individually and a team. I am highly recommended!”

“Jose Luis gave me the time and space to promote my own self-awareness. I shared my experiences, thoughts, and feelings because I knew everything I said would be confidential. His demeanor was excellent because he was professional yet friendly.  Jose Luis was not only an excellent listener, he also helped me reflect on issues I was struggling with and focus on what it was I wanted to accomplish. I came out of each session more relieved and confident that I knew what it was I wanted to improve upon. I am proud to say that I did improve upon the things we discussed.”