We invite you to our Opening Interfaith Service, Monday, August 29 at 4 p.m.in St. Thomas More Chapel 

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Ongoing Events

Ask Series
This is a very popular regular series which provides students the opportunity to ask our chaplains important questions about their respective traditions.

Bereavement Group
St. Thomas More Chapel

Your Chaplains are aware that there are a number of grieving persons here at the Law Center who have suffered the loss of a loved one. If you would be interested in joining a bereavement group, please email Fr. Rourke at pkr@law.georgetown.edu

Campus Ministry Bible Study
Mondays, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Campus Ministry Office (McDonough 113)
Lunch will be provided. Students from all faith traditions are welcome. 

Chaplains' Tea
Tuesdays, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Campus Ministry Office (McDonough 113)
Stop by the Campus Ministry Office each week for free tea and tea sandwiches.

Daily Drop-In Meditation
Gewirz 109

The Contemplative Law Society hosts meditations daily to encourage mindfulness on campus;all are welcome.

Dog Office Hours
McDonough 113

Leo (Jewish Chaplain Michael Goldman's golden retriever) is holding "office hours" every other week.

Faith &Justice Conversation Series
This lunch conversation offers students a chance to converse with a legal practitioner about how faith helps to form their view of justice and how that view of justice shapes their vocation and work.

  • September 8:  Laura Brown, JD, Executive Director &Founder, First Shift Justice Project
  • November 10:Rev. Raphael G. Warnock, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church

Faith Talk
McDonough 113

Join GULC chaplains for brown bag lunch conversation.

Jesuits 101: An Introduction to the Ignatian Tradition
This regular series includes installments such as: Who is St. Ignatius?, Who are the Jesuits?, What is Jesuit education?, How do Jesuits pray? and Contemplatives in Action. Lunch provided.  

Lunch with Imam Hendi & MLSA
Join Imam Hendi and the Muslim Law Student Association each week beginning early in September.

Multifaith Book Club
Meet every other week for light refreshments and discussion on a book of our choosing. 

Torah Study
Join Chaplain Michael Goldman each week beginning early in September. 

Personal Journeys
Personal Journeys is a regular interview program with members of the GULC faculty designed to offer students a fuller, more intimate picture of their professors. In the space of about an hour we address such questions as "How do you define success?" and "Why did you choose the law as a career?" as well as questions of faith and ethics. 

What Matters &Why?
What Matters &Why? is a regular conversation series about the intersection of values and vocation in the life of a lawyer, featuring Georgetown Law alumni and local legal practitioners.

 Offerings by appointment


       Since you’ve chosen to attend our Law Center, you realize that you’ve entered a highly competitive, stressful and hectic environ.  There are numerous holistic ways you can address this.  One way is to enter into the special opportunity that the Chaplains offer in terms of spiritual conversation.  This can be a calming, centering way to draw on your rich interior resources as a means of handling the stress.  Whether you pray to God, Jesus, Yahweh or Allah, you can benefit from this.  It is a way to reflect on that unique, sustaining relationship and draw strength from it.

        We have a vast array of Chaplains who can listen w/care, gentleness and expertise as you talk about your interior life.  We have a Catholic priest and nun, a Jewish chaplain, a Protestant chaplain, an Imam and our Mormon chaplain.  Those sources and their contact information can be found on our Campus Ministry website.  Many of our other diverse programs are listed as well, so please feel free to join us for any of them.

        We wish you every blessing on your year of study.