With Box, you can make bulky attachments and email bounces a thing of the past.

To send a link that a users can click on to access a file from your Box account, first right-click on the file's icon (or click on the little box with the downward arrow) to display the dropdown menu.

Next, hover over '"Share" and choose "Send Link to File".

Send link to file

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to enter the email address(es) of the individual(s) you want to send the file to.

You can add multiple email addresses by hitting Enter after each email address, or by separating them with a comma. Enter the addresses, include a personal message if you'd like, and click "Send".

Your recipients will soon receive an email from Box inviting them to view your shared file.

Send to Collaborators

Shared Link

Below is a list of the sharing levels and their descriptions:

  • Open:
    Set the link to "open" if you want anyone with the shared link (including users with no Box account at all) to have access to the file. Securing the open link is strongly recommended. To restrict access to the file, you can set an expiration date or even require a password – these restrictions will apply to anyone not already collaborating in the folder. See below for more details.
  • Your Company:
    Want to send out a link without worrying about outsiders viewing the file? Just select the "Your Company" option – just remember that GULC users, if they are not collaborators already, must receive the link from you in order to have access.
  • Collaborators Only:
    Select this option if you want to point a collaborator to a specific file or folder without making the link accessible to non-collaborators.
  • No Link:
    This feature disables the shared link for a file or folder. If a collaborator wants to access the file, they'll have to log into Box and find it in the appropriate folder.

Sometimes you want to share files with others only for a specific period time, after which you may want to take away access to that file. Box offers ways for you to deactivate the links you shared by way of setting an expired date on the links (applicable only to "Open" and "Your Company" links only) or manually disabling the link. Doing so will reduce the likelihood that files and folder become orphaned and unmanaged after a period of active collaboration.

Box Shared Link

To disable a shared link:
  1. Find the file or folder for which you want to disable sharing in Box
  2. Click on the "Share" button to the right of the file name
  3. Click on the "Access" dropdown menu
  4. Select "Disabled" access level
  5. Click "Okay" to confirm you want to disable sharing for that file/folder
To set an expiration date on a shared link:
  1. Find the file or folder for which you want to set expiration in Box web interface
  2. Click on the "Share" button to the right of the file name
  3. Click on the "Access" dropdown menu
  4. Select an access level ("Open", "Your Company")
  5. Click on "Set Expiration"
  6. Select the desired expiration date in "Unshared On" field
  7. Click Okay to save your selection
To set a password on a shared link:
  1. Click on the "More Options" dropdown menu next to the file or folder
  2. Hover over "Share" and select "Get Link to File" or "Get Link to Folder"
  3. On the pop-up window, open the Access Level menu in the upper right corner
  4. Click the radio button for "Open" access level
  5. Click "Set Password"
  6. Enter password in the text field.
  7. Click Save

Please note that a password protected shared link does not offer the same level of protection as file level encryption, since it only protects the file when accessed through the link. Collaborators may still be able to access the file without entering a password.

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