Tips to remember when preparing for Registration:

  1. Know your registration time slot which is listed in the Registration Timeline.  Your registration dates/times are designated by your future expected class year in the term for which you will be registering.  Please also review the Academic Calendar.
  2. Review the Curriculum Guide to see the online schedule of classes and course descriptions for your desired courses.
  3. Log in to MyAccess and register at or after your scheduled registration time. {View How to Register for Classes Information}
  4. Check MyAccess for any Holds and resolve them in advance of your registration time slot.  Holds will prevent you from registering for courses on your scheduled day and time.{View Holds Video}
  5. Create a schedule that works for you. Select your classes and prepare a list of CRNs with alternate class options to maximize your opportunities for enrollment in your desired courses.
  6. Review your MyDegree audit to know what remaining requirements are still needed.  Students should consult with their advisors if they have questions regarding course selection and planning. 
  7. If your desired section is closed and if the waitlist is offered for that section, you will be able to add yourself to the Waitlist.  If your desired section is closed and the waitlist is not offered for that section, you should choose an alternate section of that course. {Registering for Classes Instructions}
  8. For all Department Restricted/Professor Permission required courses, review the schedule of classes ahead of time in preparation for registration.  Determine restrictions, pre-requisites, co-requisites, and any special permission required for registration.  Please seek guidance from your advisor if you wish to take a course that requires special permission or approval for registration.
  9. Please review the course text for any additional information regarding reserved seats for the section and other Registration Errors. {Common Registration Error Messages}

Note: Students should review their schedule before the end of add-drop to confirm that they are properly registered for all classes if applicable.