Senior Writing Fellows

Senior Writing Fellows at The Writing Center provide feedback on all aspects of writing. For scholarly writing, these may include choosing a topic, doing complex scholarly research, organizing a large paper, revising for strong voice, and checking accuracy of citations. For first year writing, these may include improving the paper’s analysis, writing effective headings, making good analytical transitions, or using authority more forcefully. Senior Writing Fellows do not provide proofreading or editorial services. Every client brings a new question to The Writing Center, and Senior Writing Fellows work cooperatively to explore and answer those questions.

All Senior Writing Fellows hold three conferences a week at The Writing Center. Students submit their papers 24 hours ahead of time along with a questionnaire. In these conferences, the Senior Writing Fellow acts as a reference, guide, reader, and sometimes expert.

Senior Writing Fellows also attend the Applied Legal Composition Seminar taught by faculty. The class explores various writing topics, such as audience, style, ESL writing, and the foibles of writing samples, and often analyzes texts submitted to The Writing Center to develop ideas and techniques for conferences.

2023-2024 Senior Writing Fellows:

  • Amanda Di
  • Garrick Donnelly
  • Matthew¬†Gayden
  • Natalie George
  • Ava Kamb
  • Eliza Lafferty
  • Benjamin Laurenroth
  • Gabriela London
  • Christopher Mohr
  • Katie Parker
  • Alan Y. Wayne
  • Abby West


Professor Frances DeLaurentis, Director of the Writing Center