Human Rights & Immigration

Our full-time faculty members have experience at the highest levels of this complex field. They have worked on U.N. antidiscrimination efforts; in the U.S. State Department’s efforts to prosecute genocide and crimes against humanity; in the protection of refugee rights; in advocating for the right to healthcare; and on policy with international experts. They have produced impactful research on topics as wide-ranging as the basic theory supporting a human rights regime to technical legal questions about treaty implementation and interpretation to country-specific reports and recommendations.

Our human rights and immigration courses are backed by many clinical programs and projects and Georgetown graduate students can pursue certificates in International Human Rights or Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies. The Human Rights Institute (HRI) at Georgetown Law is a leading human rights teaching and training institution, producing policy-relevant and influential human rights ideas and research. Each year HRI works with students to identify the focus of work pursued by its Fact-Finding Project that investigates human rights violations and proposes related law and policy reforms.