Faculty scholarship covers the subject of race and law as it appears in criminal justice, poverty law, education law, and community development. Faculty scholarship receives frequent attention in the academic and popular media and has been recognized by organizations such as the American Bar Association and the New York Times Book Review.

Students have numerous opportunities to study and work alongside expert scholars and attorneys on race-related issues at the local and national levels. Among Georgetown Law’s clinical programs, the Institute for Public Representation’s civil rights projects involve racially-based employment discrimination lawsuits that require extensive legal research and writing.

The Georgetown Journal of Modern Critical Race Perspectives (MCRP) is one of the few law journals in the country dedicated to legal scholarship on race and identity. The journal is grounded in critical race theory and provides a forum for scholarship by academics, students, and practitioners who are committed to racial justice and offers a rigorous editorial experience for students with the same goal. MCRP also hosts symposia that engage leading scholars and practitioners in lively debate through the lens of modern critical race theorists.