Georgetown Street Law Program

Law students practice professional skills (e.g., public speaking, verbal and written communication, strategic planning, research and writing, and explaining complicated concepts to nonlawyers) in a high-reward, low-risk setting. Student participants consistently rate Street Law as the top elective course in DC Public Schools. Street Law provides access to high-quality educational experiences for all students. The first course of its kind, Georgetown Street Law has spawned hundreds of domestic and international chapters, making Street Law the preeminent high school-to-law school pipeline program.

In the fall and spring courses, law students teach a semester-long elective course in practical law and trial advocacy to students in public and charter high schools throughout the District of Columbia. Evening law students teach a semester-long or year-long practical law course to juvenile and adult learners under court-ordered probation or in rehabilitation facilities or transitional housing. Street Law is taught using an interactive, learner-centered methodology.