You do not have to accept your financial aid online

The completion of either the Blue Loan Certification Request or Green Application is your acceptance of the financial aid you are requesting. Changes to the award, including accepting, declining or changing the amount is not available in GU Experience.

Should you wish to change the amount of aid you are requesting, please complete the adjustment process linked below.

Know when your financial aid will post

Fall 2024 semester financial aid will start posting on your student account between August 16 and 20.

Spring 2025 semester financial aid will post between January 1-4, 2025.

Determine your health insurance needs

The University's Student Health Insurance Office manages the acceptance/waiver process for the insurance plan. If you determine that you are eligible to waive the health insurance charged to your student account, you may complete a waiver on their website. Please note:

The waiver is completed annually.

Waivers must be completed at the beginning of the semester.

Waivers are exclusively managed by the Student Health Insurance Office.

If you have requested financial aid to cover living expenses, do this first

If you have borrowed loan funds to cover living expenses, link your bank account to your student account so you can receive the refund directly in your bank account.

This process is completed in the Student Account portal of GU Experience.

DO NOT request your refund before linking your bank account as a check will be issued leading to delays.

Don't forget to request your refund EVERY semester

As soon as you see your financial aid credited to your account, you may request a refund.

Our colleagues in University Revenue and Receivables (Student Accounts) manage the refund process review all refund requests prior to release. Refunds are generally sent to your bank in approximately 3 business days.

Treat your refund like a paycheck

To make sure you do not run out of resources before the end of the semester, use a technique many of our students have found helpful.

When you receive the refund, place the entire amount in your savings account and each month move a portion into your checking account. Keep in mind that the fall semester typically has your health insurance charge and the spring semester is slightly longer and has one more rental month in it.

For the fall semester, divide your refund into quarters, and move one quarter to your checking account at the beginning of the month. For the spring semester, divide your refund by five and place 20% into your checking each month. If you have special expenses that don't happen monthly, such as quarterly insurance payments, take those into account before dividing the refund into the remaining monthly allotments.

Renew your financial aid each year

Financial aid is an annual process and the process starts later for continuing students. The application will open for continuing students following spring break - March 10, 2025.

Mark your calendar now. Tentative dates are:

Applications for Summer 2025 financial aid are due: April 15, 2025
Applications for Academic Year 2025-26 financial aid are due: June 1, 2025

Prepare for starting Law School

1.) Pay off credit cards and work towards eliminating prior debt.

2.) Save funds for relocation - Rental deposits, food, home furnishings, transportation and moving expenses (if out of state).

3.) Have two (2) weeks of savings and an emergency fund in reserve - Financial aid funds start disbursing 10 days prior to the start of class and may take another 3-5 business days for you to receive a refund. Spring disbursement is not prior to January 1st.

4.) We advised not to bring a car. Your financial aid will NOT cover expenses related to a vehicle, such as parking, gas, insurance or maintenance.