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For 50 years, Georgetown Law students have changed the lives of young people across Washington by teaching them about the law. Through the process of teaching, they have become better lawyers who more deeply understand our legal system.

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Street Law Program Sponsors

Law firms and other organizations interested in financially contributing to Street Law should consider becoming a Program Sponsor. Program Sponsors provide much-needed financial support to Street Law over the course of the year. Contact to become a sponsor or learn more.

  • $1,000: Associate Sponsor
    Your sponsorship will provide food and transportation for Street Law activities throughout the year.
  • $3,000: Partner Sponsor
    Your sponsorship will support Street Law programming, such as the fall capstone event, throughout the school year.  Partner Sponsors are publicly recognized at the fall capstone event.
  • $5,000: Superior Sponsor
    Your sponsorship will support the Annual Mock Trial Tournament. This includes transportation, administrative supports, and food throughout the day for students from all participating D.C. high schools. Superior Sponsors are publicly recognized at the spring Mock Trial Tournament.
  • $10,000: Supreme Sponsor
    Your sponsorship will contribute to expanding Street Law to additional schools and throughout the local community. You will be recognized at Street Law events, on the website, and in printed materials.

Attorney Mentor Program

The Attorney Mentor Program pairs a lawyer, law firm or legal organization with a Street Law high school class. The Georgetown Street Law program partners with the director of the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, Public Education Project, Kent Withycombe, Esq., to identify interested law firms and make school pairings.

The lawyer, mentor firm or legal organization participates in Street Law by assisting in class activities, teaching about the firms practice areas, taking students on law-related field trips, such as visiting Superior Court, Congressional hearings, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Some partners find it useful to take a field trip to their offices where the students learn about the operations of a law firm/agency, observe potential careers from legal secretary to lawyer, and perhaps examine the development of a case in some detail.

Preparation for the annual Mock Trial Tournament in the spring is typically the most intensive assistance and the most rewarding experience provided by law firms and organizations. During preparation for the tournament, law firms and organizations assist the class to prepare by helping the students to learn their roles, court procedure, and the rules of evidence through coaching and rehearsal.


Every spring Georgetown Street Law has its Annual Street Law Mock Trial Tournament. Many volunteers are needed to set up the event. We also need judges and lawyers willing to judge and/or score the mock trial. Additionally, Street Law has asked volunteers to assist with transporting students to and from the events and providing other administrative supports. Those interested in volunteering can write us at

There are also other opportunities throughout the year that require volunteers to help make the events a success. If you would like to be added to our volunteer email list please contact

Street Law Mock Trial Tournament

The Street Law tournament hosts teams of students from District of Columbia high schools at the DC Superior Court to display their advocacy skills.

Coached by their law student instructors and lawyers from mentor law firms, the high school students prepare over a six-week period to be lawyers and witnesses in a complex and controversial case.

During that time, they master the facts, analyze the witness statements, statutes, case law, and documents, hone their oral skills, practice courtroom procedures, and master trial skills and rules of evidence. The teams argue a Georgetown Street Law created hypothetical criminal or civil case. This effort is supported by the larger legal community as DC Superior Court judges, local attorneys, and law students volunteer their time to serve as judges and scorers.

The first two rounds of the mock trial competition are held at the Superior Court in the District of Columbia. Approximately 300 students in up to 30 teams from all street law classes participate in the tournament. In the end, two teams participate in the final round of the tournament which takes place at the Georgetown University Law Center and is typically presided over by a sitting judge