The Street Law Program has been active in disseminating the Street Law methodology throughout the world. Internationally, there has been a high interest among law schools, legal educators and legal practitioners in learning about and conducting Street Law programs.

Georgetown Street Law also provides assistance and training around the world, including Russia, Chile, Cambodia, Japan, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Georgia, Turkey, Pakistan, and the UK. Additionally, Professors from Georgetown Street Law have presented at the conferences of the Global Alliance on Justice Education (GAJE), the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education (IJCLE) and Palacky University of Olomouc, CZ.

Hosting International Visitors

The Street Law Program frequently hosts international visitors and invites visitors to experience the learner-centered approach of the Street Law curriculum through seminar participation, classroom observations, and activities. Since 2013, visitors have included representatives from China, Korea, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, the UK, Latin America, Mexico, Jordan, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, and Poland.

If you are interested in being hosted by Georgetown Street Law, please contact us at