About the Harrison Institute

The Harrison Institute represents clients that make democracy work. Our mission is to enable community stakeholders, public officials, and institutions to make and shape policy at all levels: neighborhood, local, state, and international. Our work spans across multiple policy areas: community equity, worker rights, trade and climate, and health and food. 

About the Policy Clinic

Students in the Harrison Institute’s Policy Clinic work with faculty and staff attorneys to support our clients across all areas of our work. Students analyze lawmaking authority, develop policy alternatives, and help clients plan their strategy. Past students have advised state legislatures, worked with grassroot groups to advance community priorities, and created solutions to thorny problems for non-profit coalitions. All students leave Harrison with deep subject matter expertise; improved analysis and communication skills (both written and verbal); and experience in managing clients, supervisors, projects, and strategy. 

Students develop skill sets that are transferable to all legal jobs:

  • Analysis– interpret statutes/treaties, analyze legal authority, plan strategy, and frame policy choices for clients to adopt and implement
  • Communication – hone interviewing, writing, and presentation skills for diverse clients and audiences, e.g., clients, allies,  government, and media. Many student projects place heavy emphasis on interviews with community stakeholders, legal and policy experts, and government officials.
  • Management – work collaboratively in teams of two or more; manage projects, clients, and supervisors