David A. Super’s research focuses on Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Legislation (including the federal budget), Local Government Law, and Public Welfare Law. He teaches these subjects as well as Civil Procedure, Contracts, Evidence, Property, and Torts. In addition to Georgetown, he has also taught law at Columbia, Harvard, Howard, Maryland, Penn, Washington & Lee, and Yale. Prior to entering the legal academy, he served for several years as the general counsel for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and worked for the National Health Law Program and Community Legal Services in Philadelphia. He also was a recipient of the Frank F. Flegal Excellence in Teaching Award in 2018.



David A. Super, Public Welfare Law (St. Paul, Minn.: Foundation Press 2017). [BOOK]
David A. Super, David C. Gray, Donald G. Gifford, Mark Graber, William M. Richman & Michael P. Van Alstine, Get A Running Start: Your Comprehensive Guide to the First Year Curriculum (St. Paul, Minn.: West Academic Publishing 2016).

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

David A. Super, A Hiatus in Soft-Power Administrative Law: The Case of Medicaid Eligibility Waivers, 65 UCLA L. Rev. 1590-1618 (2018).
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David A. Super, Grace Bagwell Adams, Jung Sun Lee & Vibha Bhargava, Offsetting the Effects of Medical Expenses on Older Adults' Household Food Budgets: An Analysis of the Standard Medical Expense Deduction, 57 Gerontologist 359-366 (2017).

Forthcoming Works - Book Chapters & Collected Works

David A. Super, States' Evolving Role in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, in Holes in the Safety Net: Federalism and Poverty (Ezra Rosser ed., Cambridge University Press forthcoming).