Senior Law Library Technology Engineer
Laura Addiego

M.S. I.T., Software Engineering, University of Maryland University College

OfficeWilliams Library 205-01
Areas of Expertise:

Law Library Technology

Accounts Analyst & Administrative Specialist & Notary Public
Stacy Queen Bell

OfficeWilliams Library 313-01
Areas of Expertise:


International and Foreign Law Reference Librarian
Charles Bjork

B.A., University of Illinois
J.D., Northwestern University
M.S.L.I.S., University of Illinois

OfficeWilliams Library 205C
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Areas of Expertise:

International & Foreign Law, Reference

Empirical Research Services Librarian
Sara Burriesci

B.A., College of William & Mary
J.D., University of South Carolina
M.L.I.S., University of Washington
M.Ed., University of Illinois

OfficeWilliams Library 204F
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Areas of Expertise:

Library Research Services, Reference

Head of Digital Initiatives
Lauren Burroughs

OfficeWilliams Library 130-01
Areas of Expertise:

Digital Initiatives

Associate Director for Research and User Services
Cattleya M. Concepcion

B.A., New York University
J.D., George Mason University School of Law
M.S., Catholic University of America

OfficeWilliams Library 204A
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Areas of Expertise:


Associate Director for Resource Management and Technology
Rachel Decker

B.A., University of California, Los Angeles
M.L.I.S, University of California, Los Angeles

OfficeWilliams Library 205A
Reference Librarian
Daniel Donahue

OfficeWilliams Library 208B
Areas of Expertise:


Cataloging Technician
Colin Duffy

OfficeWilliams Library 231-09
Areas of Expertise:

Cataloging & Metadata

Special Collections Technician
Matthew Gadziala

B.A., St. Lawrence University
M.A., University at Buffalo
M.L.I.S., University at Buffalo

LocationWilliams Library 210
Areas of Expertise:

Special Collections