Eligible LL.M. candidates are encouraged to take full advantage of these programs.

In the spring, interested students can submit their resumes for inclusion in our spring resume collections, which we distribute to various regions of the United States and countries throughout the world to thousands of employers with potential interest in Georgetown Law LL.M. graduates. In addition, the Office of Graduate Careers conducts resume collections throughout the year at the request of employers specifically seeking Georgetown Law LL.M. candidates.  These resume collections are publicized to our LL.M. students via Symplicity and Graduate Connections.

J.D. Recruitment Programs and Career Fairs:

As a matter of Georgetown Law policy, the LL.M. students are not eligible to participate in most job recruitment programs and interview fair organized for J.D. students, unless employers specifically request to interview LL.M. students. Employers make the decision whether they wish to interview LL.M. students and generally decline to do so because they view the recruitment cycle for LL.M. students different from the J.D. recruitment cycle.