Categories of employers include law firms, government agencies, corporations, accounting firms, legal associations and non-governmental organizations.

The Spring International Resume Collection targets employers in the over 70 non-U.S. countries represented by the current LL.M. population at Georgetown Law.  The Spring U.S. Regional Resume Collection targets employers throughout the United States, organized in four broad geographic areas (East Coast, South, Mid-West, and West Coast). Students may submit their resumes for distribution during designated periods in the month of February and March, and Graduate Career and Professional Development will forward links to the collected resume packages by April.

Georgetown Law alumni and others who would like to receive access to these resume packages are invited to provide their e-mail addresses to Office of Graduate Careers, via e-mail or by phone at (202) 662-9036. Alumni are also welcome to suggest, via the same e-mail address, the names and e-mail addresses of other individuals, organizations, and employers who might benefit from reviewing the resumes of the many outstanding candidates in our current LL.M. class.