The Inclusion Council reports directly to the Dean, and its charge is to facilitate activities and propose reforms that will increase inclusion and belonging for all members of the Law Center community.

As a community of students, staff, and faculty we must take a serious look at our culture, structure, systems, and processes to ensure that we are a community that fosters respect, equity, and justice. We have significant work ahead of us to create a community in which students can learn in an environment that is free from bias, where they are able to foster positive connections with others, and where everyone feels supported and appreciated for their contributions.

The Inclusion Council will help advance that important work.

The Council has already reimagined and made recommendations for the future structure of our Office of Equity and Inclusion. That Office will be staffed in the future by three new positions, which will ultimately enable us to better serve our community.

The Inclusion Council is also in the process of developing and putting in place a strategic plan for the entire Law Center.

The Council comprises students, faculty, staff, and alumni, with the goal of ensuring that multiple perspectives and voices are heard, and that recommendations reflect the entire community’s input.