Center for Wellness Promotion

Law school and legal practice are tremendously rewarding, but stressful in ways that might be challenging. Without strategies to support their health, students risk being unable to take advantage of all they came to law school to experience. Georgetown Law is a national leader in open and honest dialogue about law student wellness. We are committed to helping you find ways to thrive in school and have a healthy, balanced career.


With Counseling and Psychiatric Services on campus, student-run mental health support groups, meditation guides and more, Georgetown Law has the support its students need.


Regular exercise improves physical health, enhances memory skills and sleep, and relieves stress. Georgetown Law offers many different ways to sweat, clear your head, and breathe deeply. The Sport & Fitness Center is a great place to start!


Fellowship and reflection add meaning and depth to your legal education in and outside the classroom. Taking time to explore your personal values will enhance your career search and help you form the good judgment you will need in practice.