Once you have an idea of what you want, visit the Off-Campus Housing Listings page to see options for Georgetown students.

Before you dive into the listings, though, students should consider what they’re looking for with regard to:

  • Location: How far do you want to live from the Law Center? How far do you want to live from the nearest Metro stop?
  • Safety: Which neighborhood(s) do you want to consider, in light of the DC public crime reports? What sort of access controls or other in-building security would help you feel safe?
  • Type of Housing: Apartment? House? Co-Living?
  • Cost: Don’t forget utilities and transportation when you consider what you can afford.
  • Amenities: Maybe you don’t need a pool, but do you need an in-unit washer and dryer? Would in-building laundry be enough? Are you sure you don’t need that pool?
  • Parking options
  • Pets
  • Smoking