Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8:30am - 6:00pm


Sally McCarthy

Assistant Dean, J.D. Academic Services

Sarah J. Loope Hulsey

Assistant Dean, J.D. Academic Programs

Emily Wack

Director, J.D. Programs

Dominique Brown

Associate Director, J.D. Academic Services

Mark Loker

Program Coordinator, J.D. Program

Kara E. Passmore

Assistant Director, J.D. Academic Programs

Anne Nelson

Office Manager

Academic Advising

To schedule an appointment with one of our academic advisors, please visit our online scheduling tool, Symplicity, orĀ call (202) 662-9041. Topics for advising (with primary advisors noted for special topics) include the following:

  • Course selection
  • Joint and concurrent degree programs (Emily Wack)
  • Permission to overload or underload in a semester
  • Permission to take courses on the Main Campus (Emily Wack)
  • Permission to take summer courses at another ABA-approved law school (Emily Wack)
  • Permission to transfer between divisions
  • Permission to withdraw from a course
  • Questions regarding adjunct JD professors (Sarah Hulsey)
  • Questions regarding full-time and visiting JD professors (Sally McCarthy)
  • Supervised Research project planning
  • Transfer student course selection (Emily Wack)
  • Visiting student course selection (Emily Wack)