Global Law Scholars

The Global Law Scholars Program (GLS) prepares students for transnational practice in which they regularly encounter problems that involve more than one legal system. The aim is to combine language skills and cultural familiarity with rigorous and directed legal training so that Scholars are ready to practice in the global legal environment of the 21st century. Approximately 20 Scholars are selected each year.

Blume Public Interest Scholars (formerly Public Interest Law Scholars)

The Blume Public Interest Scholars program provides three-year full tuition scholarships and other professional and academic support to selected incoming Georgetown students dedicated to practicing law in the public interest. Blume Scholars are also matched with faculty advisors and attorney mentors who practice in their field of interest. Up to ten Blume Scholars are chosen each year.

Business Law Scholars Program

Combining unparalleled access to Georgetown alumni, practical coursework, and a unique mentoring program, students selected for the competitive Business Law Scholars program will work closely with faculty leads to develop the business acumen required for careers in corporate law - whether as an associate in a law firm, as counsel in a company, or in starting your own business.

Transfer Student Peer-Mentor Program

The Transfer Student Peer Mentor Program provides additional support and resources for new J.D. transfer students.

Tech Law Scholars Program

Georgetown Law’s Tech Law & Policy Scholars program, launched in September 2017, formally recognizes students’ deep focus in the field.
Tech Scholars participate in two year-long seminars in their 1L and 2L years.