Your expected path, professionally, personally and location-wise will all provide guidance to ensure that you maximize your options. One-size does not fit all – get your proper fit with these sessions.

Why? Multiple COVID-related loan protections are in place and their expiration/continuation will impact your strategy.

The good news is that other than registering to attend a Loan Strategy Workshop, there is nothing for you to do at the moment.

  • Dates will be updated as they become available.

Workshops – Recommended for Georgetown Law Grads with a LRAP focus.

  • Dates will be updated as they become available.

Reserve your SPOT!

Another option.
  We are also offering the popular Name Your Own Group opportunity (see request link below).  Just grab some friends, fellow clinic members, student group members – it does not matter who – and send us a date/time request.

Name Your Own Group

With five (or more) friends/colleagues, the Financial Aid Office will schedule a private Loan Strategy Workshop in June or beyond. These sessions are among the most interactive as the workshop is filled with peers of your choosing.  Many students have previously used this opportunity as a bar study break. Just send us a request!