Dean’s Tuition Grants have historically been awarded to approximately 1/3 of the full-time J.D. class based on financial need. The Dean’s Tuition Grant Program is funded by Georgetown Law’s general funds and by generous contributions from alumni, firms, foundations and other friends of Georgetown Law.  While there is no repayment obligation, it is our hope that Dean’s Tuition Grant beneficiaries will “pay it forward” in some manner once they are able to do so.  Only J.D. students are eligible for need-based grant assistance.

All applicants for need-based aid must meet the requirements to receive federal financial aid (e.g. valid citizenship/residency status, not in default on a prior loan) in addition to fully completing the CSS PROFILE (Code 7306) and an institutional application (Yellow or Green) containing both the student’s and the student’s parents’ data.

To determine financial need, Georgetown Law evaluates both student and parental financial strength, relative to others in the class. Federal income tax documents for the applicable year are used to verify the data provided on the CSS PROFILE forms for both the student and the parent(s). Awards are generally renewable at the same level for up to two additional years of full-time study at Georgetown Law, one additional year for transfer students and three additional years for part-time study.

Changes significantly affecting the financial situation of the student, student’s spouse and/or student’s parent(s) may affect the level or availability of grant assistance in future years. In addition, students earning significant pay through summer employment (e.g., through work as law firm summer associates) are expected to use a portion of their earnings for their education and, accordingly, are likely to have their grant assistance reduced for the following year.

Dean’s Tuition Grants are secondary sources of financial aid available after the student has engaged in self-help through borrowing.  In order to establish and retain eligibility for grant assistance, recipients must demonstrate their financial need by, in part, borrowing an amount equivalent to the annual loan limit for federal Unsubsidized (Stafford) Loan, at a minimum.  Failure to comply with the self-help requirement will result in reduction and/or cancellation of the Dean’s Tuition Grant award.

Please apply by February 1st.