Rolling Admission

We will continue to accept applications for all programs on a rolling basis. Please note if you are an international student, you are advised to apply by April 15 at the latest to allow enough time to apply for a student visa.

Application Deadline

March 10, 2024:
Fall 2024 Deadline for Non-Lawyer applicants

All applicants must submit their LL.M. applications and all required documentation by March 10, 2023. The Admissions Committee endeavors to issue decisions within 6-10 weeks of the date a file is completed. Late applications may be submitted after deadline dates, but will be considered on a space-available basis only, and an additional fee will apply as described above. The Graduate Admissions Committee will issue decisions on late applications on a rolling basis. Please note that the Committee cannot begin reviewing an application until all required supporting materials have been

Applying Late?

You may submit an application after the date listed above, but a late application will only be considered on a space-available basis.

The late application fee increases to $100.