Executive Board

President: Melody Alemansour

Day Vice-President: Olivia Hinerfeld

Evening Vice-President: Russell Childree

Secretary: Rachel Schumacher

Treasurer: Alexandra Babin

Chief of Staff: Fred Swanstrum

Attorney General: Madison Winey

Committee Chairs

Academic Affairs Committee: Matthew Steinberg

Alumni Initiatives: Chason Sippel

American Bar Association Rep.: Francoise Djoukeng

Appropriations: Alexandra Babin

Career Services: Julie Zuckerbrod

Campus Environment: Christian Knappins

Campus Services: Luke Stegman

Diversity: Co-Chairs – Cameron Mixon and Harry Ajagu

Elections: Andrea Martinez

Mental Health & Wellness Subcommitee: Julia Sweitzer

Sexual Assault: Co – Chairs – Hunter Howe and Celyra Workman

Social: Co-Chairs – Alex Suh and Zachary Wiewel

Special Events: Co-Chairs – Andrea Martinez and Tori Pavlock




Francoise Djoukeng
Lauren Earley


Alex Suh
Christine Farzan
Fred Swanstrum
Hunter Howe
Madison Winey
Reese Poncia
Will Stringer
Zachary Wiewel
Andrea Martinez
Mathew Steinberg


Austin Donohue
Aria Hangval


Marty Kibiswa
Cameron Mixon
Julia Sweitzer
Kelton Anderson
Luke Stegman
Harry Ajagu
Julie Zuckerbrod
Chase Sippel
Tori Pavlock
Christian Knappins


Miranda Hallett
Nicholas Iacono