Please be reminded that contracts submitted and routed for signature in GMS will not be approved and signed until the associated requisition (REQ) has been fully approved by all reviewers in the business process. The number of reviewers may vary and is determined by the dollar ($) value of the REQ. Please submit the REQ for review as soon as possible to prevent delays with contract submission.

  • Below are a few reminders to improve the Law stakeholder contract submission experience:
  • We will no longer be accepting contract package submissions and attachments via email.
  • Contract documents for submission must be uploaded in GMS as attachments to the REQ when it is submitted for financial review by Law Financial Services Cost Center Buyers (CCB) and other approvers in the GMS business process workflow.
  • Documents for review should be uploaded to the REQ as individual attachments in a viewable format (i.e., pdf or word).
  • Requisitions with omissions, attachments that require correction or attachments not submitted as individual documents will be returned in GMS and the required edits will be noted.
  • Please take care to make the requested corrections in a timely manner and ensure that the required and necessary contract documents are attached to your REQ in GMS to prevent delays in the contract initiation timeline.
  • The only documents that should be uploaded to GMS as attachments with the REQ are those necessary to complete the contract package submission and document the procurement method (i.e., signed sole source justification form or bids) if applicable.
  • Please refer to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) website for a list of documents that must accompany your contract submission.
  • If your purchase request is documented with a sole source justification, the stakeholder is responsible for obtaining approval from the university Procurement Department prior to submitting the REQ and contract request.
  • Only one set of terms and conditions should be attached to the REQ in GMS; the stakeholder must determine with the supplier which terms are most appropriate (GU template terms or supplier generated terms).
  • The terms attached to the REQ are what the Law Financial Services CCB will use to initiate the contract submission in GMS on behalf of the stakeholder. If both GU template terms and supplier generated terms are submitted, in error, the default position of the CCB will be to submit the contract package with the supplier terms.
  • Contract initiation by the CCB can begin when the REQ is submitted with complete documents. Please be reminded that the contract will be subject to review, but not approved and signed until the associated requisition (REQ) has been fully approved by all reviewers in the business process.
  • The stakeholder will be assigned the role of “contract observer” and sent the contract (CON) ID once the contract is initiated in GMS.
  • All subsequent contract business process updates will be sent via a GMS system generated notification to the stakeholder and CCB. Specific questions about contract changes, status, etc. must be directed to the assigned main campus Contract Manager.
  • Please reference the CON ID on all inquiries about the contract when communicating with Law CCB and the main campus Contracts Manager.

Questions? Please contact the Law Business & Financial Services Team: