All externally submitted grants require approval from the Law Center and the Office of Research Services (ORS) before it is submitted to the external sponsor.

The Law Center’s Development Office (Krista Vita and Amanda Heerwig), and Grants team (Jolynn Gbaba and Tseday Weledsenbet) will assist with compiling required documents, budget development, and proposal submission.

Proposal Narrative/Statement of Work (SOW), proposal budget, proposal budget justification, sponsor guidelines, and letter(s) of support (if applicable).

All external proposals are submitted in GU-Pass.

All proposals should be submitted at least seven to ten business days before the proposal is due. This will allow adequate review time for the Grants Director, Assistant or Associate Dean, and Office of Research Services.

PI’s are not authorized to sign grant agreements. All grant agreements must be signed by an authorized official from the Office of Research Services.

Our partners in Sponsored Projects Financial Operations (SPFO) manage sponsored research payments for the entire University, including the Law Center. Tapiwa Mhute and Donna Copeland are our two points of contact.

The PI is ultimately responsible for overall management of the award. Although the PI may delegate day to day administrative, financial and/or technical tasks, the PI is directly responsible for overseeing all aspects of the award.

Effort reporting is certified by the PI and Cost Center Manager in GMS.

Please contact your assigned Grants Manager. Your Grants Manager will contact Sponsored Projects Financial Operations (SPFO) to generate a financial report for your award.

You should reach out to your Grants Manager at least four to six weeks in advance of the financial reporting deadline.

Grants are generally funded by an organization. Grants have specific deliverables or a scope of work, and financial reporting is required. Gifts are a donation from an individual who does not expect anything in return. Gifts generally do not have a financial reporting component. Learn more.

Tom Clark, GULC’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) serves as the Conflict of Interest Officer for the Law Center. Please contact him via email:

Please contact the Law Center’s Grants Director, Jolynn Gbaba.